The pumpkin harvest… it’s almost time for pumpkin pie


I don’t recall any specific memories of carving pumpkins when I was young. Though as an adult I’ve carved a few for my mother who usually makes a traditional Mexican pumpkin candy, referred to as Dulce de Calabaza“.  It’s a candy that can be eaten all year round, it’s got a bit of a hard shell on the outside and sweet and juicy on the inside, if a bit gooey.


This pumpkin carving animation is part of the hay wagon that is a collaboration between Decor Junction and Shutter Field for this round of On9. The wagon has single, couple and activities that are available by menu. I’m showing the rustic version, but you will find a grey version available as well and both have a land impact of only 5.  It’s a fabulous decor piece for any landscape where you want that bit of rustic or country feel.


I’m also showing the Autumn Carriage House by Hive, which is available at Collabor88.  The carriage home has a land impact of 47, with an open room on the bottom with static pull down stairs that lead to the top level where you have another open room.  It’s quite cozy and serves for a great little get away place.

The last item that I am featuring is the rare 2-pumpkin hay bales near the carriage house by Bee Designs.  However, in my picture I modded them by making the pumpkins invisible.  I have included the gacha vendor ad below so that you get a proper viewing of the hay bales, that I will feature again with some more Fall/Halloween pieces as the holiday approaches.

I included the last picture, which was the full view one before I took to cropping.

Happy Thursday!

*The Autumn Carriage House by Hive @ Collabor88
*Hay Wagon – Rustic by Decor Junction & Shutter Field @ On9
*ToT Gacha 2-Pumpkin Doll Hay Bales Rare {Modded} by .:Bee Designs:.  @ Salem 
Beech Forest – Autumn Trees by 3D Trees
Weeping Willow Autumn by 3D Trees
Aspen-LP-Autumn-Sapling-4 – V2 by Heart Garden Center
Puffy Grass [Brown] by *alirium*
Dwarf Forest [Ember] by *alirium*
Wooden Fence Long by Frog’s Garden  {past group gift}
Sheep by Just Animals

Hair: Brenda Black by +elua+
Laura Unbuttoned Knotted Shirt Lemon by Tee*fy
Ripped Denim Shorts by Blueberry
Dahlia Socks by Maitreya
Patsy Boots – Tan by *Fishy Strawberry* @ The Dressing Room


There’s no turning back now

Mod-Dys 0022_006pf

I remember growing up the clothes lines we had in the back of our home.  They were always full of sheets flying the wind or clothes of all sizes.  We were a large family and doing laundry was probably an every day occurrence.  It’s kind of rare to see these anymore at least not near me as today it’s washing machine and dryers inside the home.

Though every time that I see one I am reminded a little of my childhood days and I can’t help and smile of those times.  The days of being happy, carefree and not really recognizing if you had more or less. The days before having electronic toys and fun was doing recreational things outside like playing marbles and jacks.

Yep, those were some good ole days!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

*Simple Wooden Laundryline by Dysfunctionality @ We ❤ Role-Play
*Countryside Collies by JIAN @ The Epiphany
{Adult Wanderer Rare}
Pomeroy Glen Cabin Hunter by Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88
Wildgrass by Garden of anc
Leaves from Willow Tree by Little Branch

*[Bray Collection] Yoga Top by MoDANNA @ anyBody
Tiffany Jeans Beige by Evani @ The Dressing Room
Kora Wrapped by Candy Crunchers @ The Dressing Room
Hair: Atalia by Truth @ The Epiphany

Pose: Dark Magic by AnVeay  {No store information on creators profile}

When the path reveals itself. Follow it.

“So tell me, where shall I go? To the left, where nothing’s right? or to the right, where nothing’s left?”

Jian 002

*Lit Brick Paths by JIAN
Backyard Swamp by TLC
Shrubs Pink & Yellow by Happy Mood
Shrub Large Green by [we’re CLOSED]
Sassafras.v1 {4Seasons} by Little Branch
Flowers Bed{Pink} by Little Branch

Flavie Hat by ::C’est la vie !::
Hair: 53 Black by *barberyumyum* @ SaNaRae
Medina Shades – Black by Fame Femme @ The Dressing Room
Off Shoulder Tee White by {sallie} @ SaNaRae
Relaxing Jeans (White) by ASO! @ SaNaRae
Messy Bag (Leather & Leopard Black) by  ::C’est la vie !::
Gugu Sandals for Maitreya Body (Flat Feet) by Mutresse @ Collabor88

Pose: Stand 456 by !bang 

Faced with inevitable change…the choice was mine.

“…Deception and manipulation kill relationships because they are the opposite of respect and honor.  Only honesty and openness build deep relationships.”  ~ Calvin Dillard

Frozen in time 4

My father was a musician and he played the accordion from a very young age teaching himself and learning from hanging out with musicians who played.  The music he played is known as “Norteno,” which means northern and a popular form of music that originated around the Texas-Mexico border.  Dad played basically everything from corridos that are long ballads usually about political and popular issues of the time and today some of the most popular songs are those that involves the drug trade, a major controversial issue that has resulted in the loss of lives for many musicians who sang those songs.   He played rancheras, which themes revolved around love, patriotism and the music is usually a waltz, polka or bolero.

Mexican music to me is a lot like country music where it’s all about love, lies, betrayal and heartbreak.

This accordion is a new release by Happy Mood at the SOU by Creation JP event, which is what prompted me to go to the event. While not the same kind of accordion my father played, which was the button accordion, it was a timely release because what I gained that day was an answer to a plaguing question.

Happy Sunday!

Skin – WoW Skins – Fionora
Hair – +elua+ – Demi in Blacks @ SOU by Creation JP
Outfit – [sYs] – Capucine Tuxedo @ SOU by Creation JP
Bow Tie – [sYs] – Bow Tie Red @ SOU by Creation JP
Shoes – *YS&YS* – Xmas Sandals @ The Dressing Room
Accordion – Happy Mood – Wooden Accordion @ SOU by Creation JP

Itchy & Puffy Grass Frozen by Alirium

Pose: Dumbfounded Male by Del May

She knows.

“Her eyes have their own vocabulary. What a beautiful language to learn.”

013 Final


Skin – Al Vulo – Salina @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Hair – Boon – KB0906 Black
Headpiece – :(SH): – Kathleen White @ The Fantasy Collective
Headpiece – Miamai – Regina Red @ The Fantasy Collective
Dress – Peqe – Dominance Red
Necklace – Aisling -Tallulah Gold Rare
Pauldrons – Aisling – Tallulah Gold Rare
Arms – Aisling – Tallulah Gold
Bracers – Aisling – Tallulah Gold
Hands & Feet – Slink – Avatar Enhancement
Shoes – Yasum – Roman Raps w/ HUD


Fairy Garden Ruins – Boudoir
Flying Leaves (Green) – Kalopsia
Itchy Grass (Brown) – Alirium

Pose: Hera by Kirin {modified w/ Animare HUD}