When nothing goes right, Go left.

I have this quirk that when I’m faced with having to make a choice between going right or left and there is no clear directions leading the way.  It is almost obligatory for me to go right, because how can you go wrong when you’re always having to do the right thing, make the right choice and so it’s only right to take a right, right?

Now that I am rightly confused I’m off to get a bite to eat in the Small Town of Green.


After satisfying the hunger pains I headed to do a little exploring.



Shorts – Mimikri – Leather Shorts Malibu Disco
Top – Tee*fy – Skyla Ruffle Sleeve Tank Antique
Shoes – Gos – Gator Sport Clogs White
Eyeglasses – Ison – Quinton Glasses Amber
Hair – Truth – Cece Night
Bag – Tee*fy – Casual Tote Bag Vintage Flower

Location: Small Town of Green

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