Lesson 47

5-1-14 Blog

While I enjoy this lesson and have given it contemplation and could probably identify several choices that haven’t been in my best interest.  I can’t help and remember the fortune cookie that I received today at lunch and feel much more inclined to take the wisdom in it as part of this lesson. It read,“How can  you have a beautiful ending without making beautiful mistakes.”      

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Lesson 47:  Feed Your Internal Flame

Have you ever wondered why certain people light up a room when they walk in? Why do some of us have the clarity to envision an inspiring future and the courage to go after our dreams? You may think it’s a result of charisma or determination, or just plain old good luck. But I’ve come to understand that it’s the strength of our life force – that unique inner power that keeps us alive spiritually and physically – that gives us the stamina to translate our dreams into realities.

You can think of your life force as a flame that lives inside you, giving you passion, strength, and energy. Every choice you make either adds to this force, making it stronger and brighter, or diminishes your inner force, reducing its power.

Your assignment this week is to make choices that feed your flame.

Your Self-Love Assignment

Look back over the past 30 days of your life and allow yourself to see the choices you made and the actions you took that diminished or dampened your inner flame. Did you overwork, overeat, over commit, or overspend?

Now ask yourself, “What actions could I take in the week to come that will feed my internal fire and leave me feeling great about myself?”

Commit to taking one action each day that will keep your internal fire blazing.

Self-Love Points Earned

Give yourself 50 points for every action you take that feeds your internal flame.

Hair – Boon – AAN330 Black
Dress – Cold Logic – Everette.Minty
Shoes – [tea.s] – Andel Flats Blossom for Slink Flat Feet
Jewelry – Moondance Boutique – Lotus Set @ Designer Showcase
Purse – !1mm – Icecreambag Gacha Marble Choco
Pose – Vestige – Ariela Set
Scooter Ivory Mesh – What Next {Previous Arcade}
Macaron Paper Bag Vegetables RARE – BCC {Previous Arcade}
Flower Bundle Yellow – Pilot
Cottage Deck Weathered – The Domineaux Effect


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