Love Tester

Ever have those moments when you feel like an idiot?  Today I tripped over a box full of reports that was near my desk and the fall wasn’t a soft one.  I was in the outer office grabbing my mail from my inbox and there were several large envelopes that obscured my vision when I walked back in to my office to go to my desk.  Having dressed up a little more formal for a board meeting that afternoon with 2.5 inch heels — it didn’t help in breaking my fall.  I landed hard on my right knee that is now bruised and swollen.  My left shoulder hit the credenza that also sports a bruise and is swollen.  My mouth hit the floor and I’m just thankful that besides a slight tinge of feeling I don’t have busted lips on top of the rest.


After the impact I tried to raise up and had no strength in my limbs to rise.  I managed to turn around and sit on my arse until I felt somewhat resourceful again to rise up towards my chair.   I could have called someone obviously, the phone was just a couple feet away.  Though, I felt like such an idiot falling that I just waited it out and luckily no one walked in to see me sitting on the floor.

So that was my crazy day.  I took these pictures last night and you could say my luck wasn’t holding out then either – with hitting a mild on my sexual appeal.

Skin – Lumae – Eliana Tone 6 Cookie @ Genre
Hair – Little Bones – Fool’s Fortune Browns @ The Secret Affair
Top/Pants – Sweet Lies Designs – Razia Outfit #3 @ Genre
Hands – Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
Headpiece – Keystone – Vynna Gold/Blue {previous 25L Tuesday}
Neck Tattoo – Jalwa – Ornate Henna Collar @ Genre
Necklace – .Storybook – The Kali Sun Iron @ Genre
*Ring – Luxury – Mia Ring {part of Mia Set} @ The Jewelry Fair
*Ring – Cazimi – Dahlia Ring Pearl/Quartz @ The Jewelry Fair

Pose 1: Fence Mope by Del May {modified w/ Animare HUD}
Pose 2: Bed Snacks Male by Del May {modified w/ Animare HUD}

Love Tester – Theosophy @ The Arcade
No Smoking Sign – Seven Emporium @ The Arcade
Beware Sign – Floorplan @ No. 21
Orient Carpet Red Mesh – Mimmi McMahon


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