Git Yer Grub

Grub2 005

Somehow I missed seeing this in my inventory and found it while I was organizing some of my items in my blogging folder.   I debated in blogging as the event is over in just a couple of days, but it reminds me of so many places in my home state of Florida that it was a given.

If you’ve never experienced an air boat tour, it’s really something to do if you’re in the state and you enjoy wildlife.   If you want gator tail I’m sure there are places scattered throughout where you can find some.  The watermelon season is over, so you have to come back in April when it starts back up again.   Right now in season is tomatoes, orange, grapefruit, squash and cucumber to name a few.

This Waterside Market gacha set by unKindness is available at the Wayward Halloween Event.  The set has 4 rares and 17 commons and you have until October 31st midnight SLT to grab it.

*Waterside Market Gacha – unKindness @ Wayward Halloween

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