Fairy Tales.

Spring Eternal 02-3

Did a couple more pictures showcasing some items that can be found soon at the newest round of “All The Little Things” event that will feature items for the toddleedoo that will start April 5th.


The theme for this round is fairy tales, so I had a little fun creating these scenes to go along with it.

First Picture:
Hair – Love Soul – Hair *140* Jet Black
Antlers – Ariskea – [Pot Pourri] Antler of Love Headband @ The Arcade
*Outfit – Doodlez – Fairytale Princess Pink @ All The Little Things ***Starts April 5th***
*Bunbunx Royal Pink – *BABY* @ All The Little Things ***Starts April 5th***

*Fairy Garden Furniture: Table, Stool, Lamp & Chair – Enchanted Bowtique @ All The Little Things ***Starts April 5th***
Dik-Dik Dusty, Moonlight Unicorn, Plum, Sunshine, Ninja, Sugar, Spring Eternal Mira Fountain & Book of the Dragonfly – +Half-Deer+ @ The Arcade
[Garden Friends] Basil the Bird, Pokey the Hedgehog, Sniffle the Bunny, Quackers the Duckling, Pickles the Chipmunk, Cap’n Oink the Piglet – Ispachi  @ The Arcade
[Pot Pourri] Heart in Plants Sign – Ariskea
Short Grass Green Lawn Lil Flowers – KIDD Creation
Pose: .click. – Dainty Set

Second Picture:
Hair – D!va – Hair “Yunie”
Wings – Tic Tot Toe – Cupid Wings {Part of Cupid Outfit}
Dress – {Lil Big Me} – Beige Flower Girl Dress
*Crown – *BABY* – Star Highness Crown @ All The Little Things ***Starts April 5th***

*Mirrors – Cotton Tail – Fairytale Mirrors @ ***Starts April 5th***
*Once Upon A Time {Book w/ Poses} – [Dot Dot Dot] @ All The Little Things ***Starts April 5th*** {Poses will be only available at event}
Shrub Pink, Colored Bushes & Big Leafs – Happy Mood
Tic-tac-toe Stones – Sway’s -{Part of Stump Tic Tat Toe Set}
Great Rock of Dingo – We’re Closed

*Review copies.

Lesson 52

 “A grownup is a child with layers on.” ~ Woody Harrelson

Shot 1

This is the last lesson in the 52 weeks course of “The Best Year of Your Life” and I want to thank everyone who shared the lessons with me.   I hoped they served to be useful, encouraging and guided you in areas you might have been needing guidance on.  For me personally, they have been timely messages I needed to hear and others served as reminders for things I had forgotten as life happens.

The last lesson deals with going back to the basics and for me sometimes it’s a reminder to honor that inner child in me.

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Lesson 52: Go Back to the Basics

From the author Debbie Ford…

I trained in martial arts for three years, and one thing I was continually struck by is how much time we spent in each class focusing on the basics. “Without mastering the basics,” my instructor would say, “you can never move on to more advanced techniques.”

How do you create the best year of your life? Pay attention to the basics. Have compassion for yourself. Take time to go within. Set measurable goals. Do what you say you’re going to do. Appreciate what you have.

Take this week to focus on the basics. Strive to make each of these practices a regular part of your lifestyle, and the best year of your life will unfold naturally.

Shot 2

Your Self-Love Assignment

It’s time for a refresher course on the skills you’ve learned so far during this course. Look back over the past few weeks and note the following:

  • Are you compassionate with yourself, even when you make mistakes?
  • Have you broken agreements with yourself or others that you need to clean up?
  • Have you set goals or committed to action steps that you haven’t fulfilled?
  • Are you nourishing your physical body with proper food, rest, and exercise?
  • Are you taking time each day to go within?

Make a list of any of the basic skills you’ve been neglecting. Then create a plan of action to reintroduce them back into your daily schedule.

Self-Love Points Earned

Give yourself 100 points for each basic skill you reintroduce into your daily routine.


Hair – Love Soul – Hair*115* Jet Black
Outfit – Turducken – Sailor Outfit Red
Boots – ASO – Rain Boots {Dot Blue} @ The Arcade

French Bulldogs Smoke, Cream & Spot – Alchemy @ The Chapter Four
Blue & Pink Whales – MishMish @ Collabor88
Box Kites Rainbow & Blue & Pink – BoOgErS
Pampas Grass – Kidd
Wild Oat Grass – Kidd
Bubble Chairs – HPMD {used for bubbles}
Tub – Pilot – Bathtime [White] @ The Arcade
Wild Flowers – We’re Closed
Sand dune – Thickbrick Sleaford
Flamingos – Ohmai @ Summer Fest
Beachy Chair Yellow Crab – BoOgErS
Sand Castle – BoOgErS
Shovel & Bucket – BoOgErS
Beach Ball – Magnifique Poses {part of pose pack}
My Crabby Partner – Wimey @ Family Flea Market
Beach Radio [Chartreuse] – Standby Inc.
Toothbrush – Turnip’s

Big Jump – Jumpin Jacks {partial pose used}
The Three of Us – Hootinany {partial pose used}

K & L is for… (challenge)


I am playing catch up today with the alphabet challenge doing both the letters K & L combined.  For the first letter I decided to feature this green meadow yellow poppy grass from KIDD, one of my favorite places for landscaping stuff.   Then featuring these tall and mature oak trees from Lilith Heart, another favorite place for landscaping items.


These horses are a purchase from today’s 30 L Saturday, they are a static herd of four horses at 8 prims.  They are no copy, but for 30L a steal in my opinion.  I couldn’t resist buying a few in the event I ever decided to get a ranch in-world again.

For my L letter I decided to feature poses from two stores, Label Motion and Lib Descent Poses and also these blue jeans from Lapointe & Bastchild.   I could also count my letter as “landscaping”.  🙂


Hair – Truth – Jill Black & Whites Pack
Necklace – Flightless – The Stag Necklace {closed}
Top – Alyce – Tied Button Down Shirt w/ Color HUD @ Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room
Pants – Lapointe & Bastchild – Jeans (Flats Version) Light Blue Bootcut
Feet – Slink – Womens Natural Barefeet Mesh
Open Mouth Addon – [PXL]

Tall & Mature Oak Trees – Lilith Heart
Static Wild Horse Herd – Sweet Revolutions {30L Saturday – today}
Real Grass*Green Meadow*Yellow Poppy – KIDD
Wooden Fence – Anthony Gartner

Lib_back – Lib Descent Poses
Lib_thinker – Lib Descent Poses
Fairy Sparkle – Label Motion {head angle modified w/ Animare}


I want to go too…


Sometimes you  have to leave the little girl behind and let the big girl come out to play.  ❤


Alexa –
Hair – LeLutka – Seiko in Pitch
Lipstick – BlackLiquid – Mauve Pink Gloss
Earrings – Bens Beauty – Wish Earring – Platinum
Necklace – Maxi Gossamer – Jewelled Hand of Fatima
Dress – Sassy – Night Out – Plum @ 60L Weekend
Bracelets – Retro – My Memory – Silver @ Stuff in Stock
Shoes – Similar – Trieste Thigh Boots – Color HUD

Sydney –
Hair – Love Soul – Hair *140* Jet Black
Outfit – Itsy Bitsy –  Sugar & Spice/Snips & Snails Set @Lazy Sunday for Kids
Socks – Totsipop – Scrunchy Socks – Pink
Pose – Lovely Smiles – Pose Pack 156
Geneve House – reBourne
Bathroom Sink Cabinet – Bazar {heavily modified to size}
Delphine Wall Mirror – Aria
Gaia Makeup Tray by Aria
Vanity – Jewelry Tree RARE by Tres Blah {June Arcade}
Vanity – Makeup Bag RARE by Tres Blah {June Arcade}
Vanity – Brushes – Tres Blah (June Arcade}
Vanity – Toiletries- Tres Blah {June Arcade}
Delphine Soap Dish – Aria
Ines Rug – Aria
Harper Rug – Aria
Delphine Wall Light – Aria
Delphine Hand Towel – Aria
Deco Slippers – Aria
Bathroom Scale – MudHoney
Seville Bath Shelf – MudHoney
Pile of Towels – MudHoney
Tincture Bottle Rose – Keke {September Arcade}
Tincture Bottle Lavender – Keke {September Arcade}
Labeled Medicine Bottle Moon Drops RARE – Keke {September Arcade}
Pampas Grass – Kidd
Port Isaac Pier Complete – Cheeky Pea
Object34Mesh by Vandelo (this is the Green Plant)

Lesson 33


No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I love many of her quotes, because they embody such strength and are always full of wisdom.

Lesson 33:  Choose Powerful Interpretations

Despite how it seems, it’s never the events of our lives that cause us pain or suffering. It’s what we make those incidents mean about us that either builds or diminishes our self-love. Having someone not return your smile or your phone call, for example, may not necessarily upset you, but how you interpret these situations will very likely influence the way you feel about yourself.

Each interpretation we make either adds to the quality of our life or takes away from it. This week, choose powerful interpretations!

Your Self-Love Assignment

Think of one situation or circumstance from your past that you’ve deemed painful, embarrassing, or hurtful. Notice how you interpreted this event by examining what you made it mean about you.

Now invent three positive interpretations of this occurrence that would leave you feeling powerful and strong, rather than weak and victimized.

Pick the interpretation that makes you feel the best about yourself – the one that most nurtures your soul and feeds your self-love.

Write this interpretation down on a sticky note or an index card, and read it to yourself every day this week.

Self-Love Points Earned

Give yourself 50 points every time you choose a powerful interpretation.

Hair – Clawtooth – Pink Flamingos – Softest Black @ Collabor88
Top – Mon Tissu – Slouchy Sweatshirt – Oatmeal
Pants – [R3] – Etta Jeans [V3] with HUD
Socks – Maitreya – Prim Socks – White {modified}
Boots – Ionic – My Winter Boots – Camouflage @ The Chapter Four
Rock Mossy by [We’re Closed]
Pampas Grass by Dop Kidd
Pergola Ivy *Half-Circular* by Dop Kidd
Janine Swing by Cheeky Pea
Grass Patch by TUFF
Grass Sculpt by Serenah Raynier
Banyan Tree by 3D Trees
Spruces by 3D Trees
Tree for Background Bush by Forest Feast
Hedges by Static Forge


I’m feeling a little thoughtful this morning.


First, I’m smiling thoughtfully as I wonder what to write today and I’m sitting here saying good morning to my in-world sis, where it’s evening for her.  I always know her time just by adding two hours and reversing the AM to PM.  It’s the only way I’ve ever been able to keep up with this dreadful time zone difference between us.

I am a bit tired, and that’s after having at minimum six hours of sleep.  Though I was having a complex agitating type of dream, one that leaves you wondering where did that come from.  When I awake from a dream I generally feel more exhausted than when I sent to sleep.  Over time I have adjusted.  I’m a dreamer and always have been.  I’ve worked out or rather concluded after considerable amount of paying attention that if I can remember the dream than it’s a dream of importance and it’s meaningful to me in some way and if I can’t remember than it’s usually just one of those random ones.

This one is so not random and did I say I’m tired?



Hair – Iren – Stockholm Dark_03
Sweater – TokiD – Juliana Sweater Mustard @ TDR
Skirt – B.C.C. – Petite Baby Skirts Orange @ TDR
Socks – Maitreya – Prim Sock Brown {modified}
Boots – Kiwi – Rimma Mesh Leather Boots Brown


Spruce Trees – 3D Trees
Forest Creeping Cinquefoil – 3D Trees
Short Grass*Dried Meadow*Flat Square – Kidd
Grazing Horse – McLean Horse’s

Pose – Manifeste {modified with Animare HUD} *no longer available*