The smell of freshly baked warm bread..

Hello everyone and happy weekend!  Today it’s a quick post to show you another amazing Shadow Box set by DRD. This round its all about the kitchen and in this pack you get pantry, stove, counter, sink, cupboard, tea shelf and table with chairs.  It’s got a lot of detail in all the pieces, that you really don’t need much else to decorate your kitchen.  I did add a few pieces to complete my scene, which have all been detailed below.

I won’t be posting tomorrow, but I’ll see you all again on Sunday.  Have a great weekend!

*Shadow Box Series 01 by DRD 
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Pantry – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Stove – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Counter – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Sink – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Cupboard – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Tea Shelf – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Table – Light
DRD – Series 01 – Kitchen Chair – Light

Gardenhouse Clocks by DRD

Gacha Decor Items by Artisan Fantasy
*AF* Kitchen Pots
*AF* Kitchen Pitcher with Lavendar
*AF* Kitchen Cutting Boards
*AF* Kitchen Crate – Tomatoes
*AF* Kitchen Basil
*AF* Kitchen Egg Basket
*AF* Kitchen Oil Bottles
*AF* Herbals – Herb Rack Weathered
*AF* Picnic 7 – Fruit & Cheese

Schadenfreude Blond Hen Chicken!
Schadenfreude White Rooster Chicken!

To thine own self be true

Morning everyone, even though that by the time that I finish writing this it will be gone into afternoon. I had such a long day yesterday, where the majority of it was spent in one room after another just waiting and patience isn’t my strongest suit. Though yesterday is over and today is another day and while my body is still sickly my mind is sharp.

Today is a mixed post of fashion and decor. Jules, fellow blogger and now friend said something that resonated and I’ve often thought of myself. Are we a bit redundant talking about everything we’re showing when it’s all listed in credits? For the most part and I would say 99% of bloggers only blog what they like and reviewing is literally absent.

I think what most of us do is give sneak previews or showcase items in how we may dress up a fashion item or decor or landscape the various genres of items we receive. Often giving inspiration to others who may not know how to fit something into a room, home, land or even their bodies.  I for one lack the fashion skills that others have to find the perfect jewelry and makeup to accessorize my look. It’s a bit of laziness to go digging in my inventory and just because I use the very minimal in real life as well that it’s carried over into SL.  That’s one thing to love about the diversity of blogs we follow. I get to be awed by seeing how you fashionistas out there look and put yourself together and envy you just a little.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on long enough and here we are at credits. All great stuff right?

By the way make sure to go check out Jules awesome blog at Sunshine & Sparkles!

*Hair: Jun Mesh Hair – A by Wasabi Pills @ FaMESHed
*Top/Skirt: Ramer Maitreya Set by Scandalize @ Cosmopolitan
*Shoes: Mandevilla – Maitreya by Empire @ Uber

*Rock Couch Rio (Adult) Chez Moi @ Cosmopolitan
*Christine Serving Cart by [Black Tulip]  @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Hanging Plant – Style One – on Plantstand by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Hanging Plant – Style Two – on Plantstand  by 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Blooming Tree.v2 {Animated} by Little BranchThe Liaison Collaborative
Decor – Forsythia Vase by LODE
Spring Day – Dresh Druit by Second Spaces
Aga Pot o’ Succulent by Schadenfreude
Pet Succulents – Choco Deer by +Half-Deer+
Monogram Frame w/ Screen by [Brixley]
Baby Spotted Turtle Companion by HEXtraordinary
Oak Wood {Seasons} by Little Branch

I can’t get you out of my mind

Few words again… though it’s a mixture of fashion and home decor today from ongoing events. Some that will end at the end of the month, so go grab them at bargain prices.

*Hair: Adamaris Mesh Hair – B by Wasabi Pills @ Fantasy Faire
*Dress: Halle Dress – Creme – Maitreya by The Annex @ Bloom

*Bella’s Library by [Merak] @ Shiny Shabby
[Merak] – Main Bookcase
[Merak] – Small Bookcase
[Merak] – Bella’s Ladder
[Merak]- Bella’s Books

*Decor by [Tia] @ Shiny Shabby
[Tia] Kawaii Computer
[Tia] Junebug Desk – Runner
[Tia] Junebug Desk
[Tia] Junebug Desk Chair
[Tia] Pandora Chair

*Record Player // White by Asteroid Box @ Draftsman

*Heart (Decor) Blueplants2 by Mushilu @ The Season’s Story
*Heart (Decor) Blueroses by Mushilu @ The Season’s Story
*Heart (Decor) BlueFlowers by Mushilu @ The Season’s Story

*Bekke Frame by Mulloy @ Draftsman
*Bekke Magazines by Mulloy @ Draftsman

Palma Coffee Decor by {what next} @ Collabor88
{what next} Palma Stack of Books by {what next} @ Collabor88
{what next} Palma Potted Plant by {what next} @ Collabor88
[Blush] Teapot Peonie [Orange] by Ariskea @ Bloom
Rainy Day Books by Serenity Style
Aga Pot o’ Succulent by SchadenfreudeCollabor88
Lola Pot o’ Succulent by SchadenfreudeCollabor88
Books Decor by Gumi’s Flower Shop
-Books Piled Green
-Books Piled Blue
-Books Piled Red
-Books Piled Random Green
-Book Close Blue
-Book Close Green
-Book Close Red
Floria-Dining Room Carpet by Bazar

*Pose: Candice 1M by Verocity @ Hello Tuesday

Garden Escape 

While I like many things of Spring time when the flowers are blooming etc., it’s also not my favorite due to allergies.  I’ve got a headache that won’t quit today so I’m going to let you peruse my credits, but hope you like my garden escape.  It was fun putting together and I really love the hanging peppers and garlic.. time for some homemade salsa?

Have a great one!

*Garden Escape Set by [Merak] @ Shiny Shabby
[Merak] – Garden Escape
[Merak] – Flying Curtain 1
[Merak] – Flying Curtain 2
[Merak] – Drying Chillies
[Merak] – Hanging Garlic
*Spring Sweet Gacha by {Your Dreams} @ The Liaison Collaborative
{YD} Spring Sweet – Jug with Roses RARE
{YD} Spring Sweet – Bucket with roses RARE
*Egg Planter by 22769 @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Bunbun Tea White by 22769 @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Cookies White by 22769 @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Japanese Katsura.v2 {4 Seasons}by Little Branch @ The Men’s Department
*Tulip Field by Little Branch @ Genre
*Lovely Spring Set by Serenity Style @ The Liaison Collaborative
-Serenity Style- Tulips Rose
-Serenity Style- Lovely Spring Tulips Lilac
-Serenity Style- Tulips Yellow
-Serenity Style- Lovely Spring Tulips White
-Serenity Style- Lovely Spring Tulip Mixed
*Spring Things Gacha by Hive @ The Arcade
-hive // fresh flower fence [dark]
-hive // daisy’s floor lamp
-hive // fresh tulips [red]
-hive // fresh tulips [pink]
-hive // new sprout
-hive // extra pots
Pixel Mode – Emily’s Garden -Emily’s Chair by Pixel Mode @ The Arcade
Pixel Mode – Emily’s Garden -Emily’s Table by Pixel Mode @ The Arcade
Pixel Mode – Emily’s Garden -Bird Fountain by Pixel Mode @ The Arcade
Pixel Mode – Emily’s Garden – Flower Cart by Pixel Mode @ The Arcade
Blue Laced Red Hen Chicken! by Schadenfreude @ The Arcade
Blond Hen Chicken! by Schadenfreude @ The Arcade
White Rooster Chicken! by Schadenfreude @ The Arcade
Green Means Life – Flower Bulbs -7 by {vespertine} @ The Arcade
Green Means Life – Potting Bench / Robins Egg -15 by {vespertine} @ The Arcade
Hummingbird Flowers (Solo Bird) by JIAN
Snow Birds :: Percher by JIAN
A Love Touch Flowers Jars by Serenity Style
12_8f8 – New Beginnings – Hibiscus Pink – White by 8f8
Downy Grass [Yellow Green] by *alirium*
Elegant Tree Platane Plane MX2-4 v1-3 T5 Gift by Hayabusa Design
Hayabusa Design – Sakura Tsyu Kosade M17-1 v1-1G by Hayabusa Design
Hayabusa Design Toona Sinensis Tree M17-2 v1-1G by Hayabusa Design

What’s that rumble?

Is that him coming

I was going for the surprised shocked look of a child hearing the rumble coming through the fireplace except that due to a malfunction of sorts the Emoter HUD got stuck on two emotions at the same time and gave me this smile shocked expression instead.  This is why I have instead an impatient fearless child that anticipates Santa is about to arrive.

Some of the creators that participated at The Arcade during this round were very generous with their gifts that you can find under the large Christmas tree that sits in the middle of the Arcade.   Two of my favorite items were the milk and chocolate milk bottles and the plate of ginger pig cookies, which is just like one of our Mexican pastries  that looks exactly the same just a bit thicker.  They are called “Marranitos,” which translated means little piggies.

Hair – Love Soul – Hair*115
Rudolph Outfit – Doodle Bugs {store gift}

Friedberry “Store” Fog Rare – {anc} @ The Arcade
Fireplace, Sled, Milk Can Berries – Pixel Mode @ The Liaison Collaborative
Basic Merry Christmas Rug – Ispachi
Wood Fire {inside fireplace} – Digs [Part of the Landon Fireplace]
Bulb Garland – MudHoney @ The Arcade
Granny’s Winter Cottage – Toys – 8f8 @ The Arcade
Bambi Figurine – Apple Fall @ The Arcade
*Elden Homemade Colored Plywood Tree & Gift Boxes – [ARIA]
Hammie & Stocking – MishMish @ The Arcade {free gift under tree}
Stars Decor – Sway’s @ The Arcade {free gift under tree}
Milk Bottles – 8f8 @ The Arcade {free gift under tree}
Plate of Ginger Pigs – Schadenfreude @ The Arcade {free gift under tree}
Pose –  Country Strong by Infiniti {modified with Animare HUD}
*Review copies.

Lesson 48

“Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.” ~ Lao Tzu


I have a picture of me around seven years old wearing a Betty Boop long sleeve shirt.   That when I found myself in this shop the other day checking out their merchandise after seeing a very colorful top on someone I saw these dresses with the character.  After a few minutes of reminiscing I couldn’t resist buying one.  It has wording in the front and in the back that speaks to the emotions we can develop for people that go beyond distance.


The lesson this week speaks of love and found the dress to be perfect to convey a message of love.

© The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford

Lesson 48:  Lavish Love

The fastest way I know to amplify the amount of love in our hearts is to share that love with someone else. Love is contagious – the more you give, the more you get. And of course, when we lavish love upon others, we also lavish it upon ourselves.

Just imagine how you’d feel if you shared a degree of love with someone in your life that they’ve never felt from you before. What if you did something for them that was unexpected, unimaginable, and completely over the top? What effect do you think this gift would have on you? If you’re thinking it would fill you with love, you’re probably right.

This is the week to lavish love upon people you care about. Notice how much happier you feel when you share your heart with another.

Your Self-Love Assignment

Think of one special person in your life to lavish love upon this week. On a beautiful piece of stationery or in a journal, write a list of the 50 things you love most about this person and present it to him or her as your gift.

You can also go for extra credit by e-mailing a similar list to other people in your life whom you want to acknowledge: your parents, your spouse, your kids, your friends, your boss, or your co-workers. With every person you touch, you become part of a worldwide circle of love that keeps expanding.

If each of us gave this gift to give or ten people this week, think about how much love we’d send into the world!

Self-Love Points Earned

Give yourself 100 points every time you lavish love upon another.

Hair – Tram – A812 Black
Dress – Cae.b. – Miss You Dress Orange
Boots – Schadenfreude – Carnaby Boots White

Looking Through The Window Female Poses – Dyer Maker Animations

Rusted Metal Signs – ::db:: @ Market Place
Mesh Wall Scrolls – RnB

D is for…

“Glamour is what makes a man ask for your telephone number.  But it also is what makes a woman ask for the name of your dressmaker.” ~ Lilly Dache


Today’s letter is D and I choose to go with this fabric shop set from Dysfunctional Designs, because I absolutely love it.   I really meant to blog this way back when it came out, a few weeks ago at a “We ❤ Role Play” event (crosses fingers I’m right on this).  Then time just gets away.  In my case, it’s also that things really get buried in my inventory and I loose track easily what I purchase from week to week.

This fabric shop set just made me think of an era I have only read in books.  When dresses were made specifically for you at dress maker shops and you were fitted to be able to get the perfect dress made.


Bra & Panties – Steffen Garcia – Parisa Bra & Knickers Charcoal
Cabaret Corset – Tentacio
Queen of the Court – Milk
Boots – Baby Monkey – Julia Damask – Smokey Blue

Pose: Del May – Mary Contrary


Tower of the King Skybox – Trompe Loeil
Fabric Shop – Dysfunctional Designs/Kalia Firelyte
Plaid Dress Form – Schadenfreude
Into the Woods Dress Form – Scadenfreude
Crocodile Brocade Dress Form – Schadenfreude
Vintage Sewing Machine – Kuro
Vanity Dress Form – TB {previous Arcade item}
Stand – Manna (Manna Yoshikawa)

Falling leaves..


It was extremely warm today, like most days here in my area of the sunshine state.  Though, I am really loving all the fall colors that I am seeing in-world and couldn’t resist taking a picture in what I was wearing today.


Hair – [Ink] Hair – Felting Beret w/ curly Hair Coal @ The Season’s Story
Makeup – !Musa – Eyeshadow Tarja @ We ❤ Role-Play
Lipstick – Bilo – Nasreen Lip Crackle
Poncho – Pure Perfection – Mesh Chic Poncho Brown {in-store Love Hunt}
Pants – Schadenfreude – Tween Fanceh Pants @ Collabor88
Boots – Kiwi – Mesh Leather Boots Olive @ 60L Weekend
Pose – +Natural+ = Siesta Set @ The Chapter Four


The Love Boat by Garden of Dreams 
Fallen leaves by Nadine Reverie of 3D Trees
Autumn leaves ground cover by Artilleri