Time stood still.

Kuro 024

Seems like events are happening much quicker or it may be that I’m not trying to get there when they first open.  Instead I’m visiting mid through the event or days before it’s over and by then the new one is up within days.   The new round of The Liaison Collaborative just started and it’s geared toward the men this time with the Gentlemen’s Club theme.  I’m showing the newest creation by Kuro.  The Richard sofa and table come in two tones, life and bold and full of animations for single, couple and then the adult ones for the adult set.  Just like a girl I threw in my sneakers and my golfing bag to give the place a bit of a feminine presence.  I showed you the trees that Little Branch had at this round in my post yesterday, but they also have potted plants like this green one I’m showing.

Most of the remaining stuff other than a few are gacha items and you can find all the details below.

*Richard Sofa Light & Bold & Side Table Bold- Kuro @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Bilbo {Potted} Birch – Little Branch @ The Liaison Collaborative
AF Paris Loft Skybox Rare – Apple Fall
Steel Wallclock .001 – NOMAD
Boho Carpet #7 – [Kunst]
Weston Coat Stand/Hat, End Table & Bar Stools, Cigar Ashtray #2, Brandy Bottle Dispenser Rare & Brandy Glass #1 & #2 – [Kunst] @ The Liaison Collaborative
Stockholm Sneakers Decor Male & Female & Bottle Candles – Bazar @ 6th Republic
Chandelier//.04, Cello//.03, Classical Bust//.08 & Fruit & Candles Tray//.06 – NOMAD @ 6th Republic
The Industrial Side – Clothing Rack – Apt. B @ 6th Republic
Vintage PNP_White/Print – Eli Baily @ The Liaison Collaborative
Accessory Gacha Series Walking Cane No11 – Alchemist @ The Liaison Collaborative

*Review copy.

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