Dance Like No One is Watching

The girl goes to the city for a little fun.  What better venue than New York City? I headed to SLebrity, the downtown Soho area, where it claims to have the finest shops and best Hip Hop & R&B Clubs.


I was a bit early so there wasn’t a crowd just yet at Wasted Spaces, a night club.


Though who needs a crowd to dance?  This girl didn’t need an audience to get her groove on — she  had rhythm and danced like no one was watching.



Dress – LIV-Glam – Spring 2013 Clarisse Belted Dress
Shoes – BSD Design Studio – Stay Cool Purple Model @ SL Fashion Week
Hair – {fd} -Sunday Grayscale 3
Eyeliner – Essences – Hangover Eyeliner 05 @ TDR Fusion

Location: SLebrity 

The brightest of days


It’s always amazing that when you think you’re having a crappy day you read or hear something that makes you stop in your tracks and think — and I thought my day was bad.  Perhaps not.  Though likely it’s the truth that somewhere out there in this vast universe of ours someone is going through something far worse.  Now doesn’t that make you feel better?  No, it doesn’t work for me either, though it does help me gain a better perspective that attitude really has much to do with our temperamental makeup throughout life.

Plus there is some truth in that proverbial phrase that when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Now that’s a positive attitude.  On this warm day a glass of cold lemonade would do wonders.  I always strive for somewhere in the middle when my day isn’t always hunky dory.  Things will change. As Vivien Leigh of Gone with the Wind said, “After all tomorrow is another day“.

Today I did a little exploring of this sim called Second Norway.  The perfect setting to go casual in shorts and a sleeveless top to enjoy the weekend.


Top – Emery – Sleeveless Shirt Destiny Eau @ My Attic
Shorts – Baiastice – Kasia Shorts Black
Hair – Truth – Elisha in Night
Location:  Second Norway – Ymer Harbor and Lighthouse Marina

Where the wind blows


While I live so close to the ocean I rarely make the time to go out and enjoy the water.  Yesterday I was having lunch with these two lovely ladies who have a common interest in painting and we made plans to do some plein-air painting in the near future.  Plein air, is a French word, that translates  as “open air”, and defined as painting or drawing outside in the open air.   It’s been a while since I last picked up a brush and I’ve always painted within the confines of a studio so this will be a first experience.  Though I’m aiming for something different, so I’ll just see where the wind blows with this painting adventure.  That is what prompted me to go searching for a nice beach in-world and was not disappointed when I found this absolutely delightful location called Crossing Currents.

Besides the lovely landscaping, the ocean and the sounds of the waves the other nice little perk is that it allows you to rez and I don’t know about you, but that is always a big plus.  Now if I can only get my pose animations all worked out to use without too much hassle then it would be a piece of cake.  Now that just makes me want something sweet to eat.



Top – Lacuna – Bandeau Top White @ My Attic 
Skirt – Lacuna – Diametric Maxi Skirt Tangerine & White @ My Attic
Hair – [e] – Quirky Black 04 (by elikatira)
Hat – Meli Imako – Full Perm Mesh Summer Floppy Hat
Lipstick – BlackLiquid – Blood Sheer Shimer
Bracelet – Earthstones – Tumbled Stones
Sunglasses – Miel’s – Ray Peepers Candy Gloss

Location: Crossing Currents 

When nothing goes right, Go left.

I have this quirk that when I’m faced with having to make a choice between going right or left and there is no clear directions leading the way.  It is almost obligatory for me to go right, because how can you go wrong when you’re always having to do the right thing, make the right choice and so it’s only right to take a right, right?

Now that I am rightly confused I’m off to get a bite to eat in the Small Town of Green.


After satisfying the hunger pains I headed to do a little exploring.



Shorts – Mimikri – Leather Shorts Malibu Disco
Top – Tee*fy – Skyla Ruffle Sleeve Tank Antique
Shoes – Gos – Gator Sport Clogs White
Eyeglasses – Ison – Quinton Glasses Amber
Hair – Truth – Cece Night
Bag – Tee*fy – Casual Tote Bag Vintage Flower

Location: Small Town of Green